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Published by admin on 27 Dec 2015

Signs of Life

No, this blog isn’t abandoned. Nor is it dead. As a matter of fact there are new signs of life for this bad-boy.

I’m currently creating a new Word Press theme from scratch. It will look similar to the current theme, but it will also integrate all of my disparate websites into one. That’s right, it will be one stop shopping in the near future.

For now, sit tight and look forward to what is to come.

Published by admin on 08 Feb 2014

Thinking of Gardening

It’s February and while I am still enjoying and loving the snow, I am also thinking forward to the spring and starting the garden this year.I have some big plans, every bed will be overhauled. I will need to add fencing since a rabbit has moved into the neighborhood since I started gardening. (Suffice it to say I had no herbs last year.) New mulch in between beds. Some gravel around the foundation of the house to keep weeds out. Okay, that’s landscaping, but it’ll be part of the overall appearance.

I also look forward to the fact that I will have some more assistance with the garden. More on that topic to come.

Published by admin on 22 Sep 2010

Movie Tuesday

As promised in an earlier post (a much earlier post), I uploaded my movie to my Vimeo account. You’ve seen the trailer, now see the movie the trailer is based upon. Of course, to make things a little harder on you, I am posting it in two parts. So sit back and enjoy part one of F.R.A. – 8711.

F.R.A. – 8711 Part 1 from Karl Tsakos on Vimeo.

In this tale of monsterious proportions, two mad scientists get involved in murder. Well, actually creating a robot. But there’s death none the less.

This is part one of a twenty minute film my friends and I made and released in the summer of 2001. It actually showed at the Westchester Film Festival.

Published by admin on 23 Feb 2008

Coming Soon to this site…

You know, there are certain things I want for my site that it just being a blog isn’t doing for me. I want to have better galleries and places for other content. Right now I can’t (easily) put that content here. I have plans to change that.

The blog isn’t going away. No, in fact it is still an important part of the site. The place I can put new written content. But it will become just a component of the site. The main portion will be more static and therefor doesn’t need to be as “live” as the blog.

Before I went with the blog I designing a new site. When I go back and look at it, it is a design I still like. I also like the way I designed it to manage my content and how I managed to integrate the photo galleries from Aperture into it fairly seamlessly.

Ultimately, it means the blog will get a new address which mean the RSS feed will change. So, that’s the real reason for this post, to give you a heads up that the change is in the works.

Stay tuned for more.