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Published by admin on 27 Dec 2015

Signs of Life

No, this blog isn’t abandoned. Nor is it dead. As a matter of fact there are new signs of life for this bad-boy.

I’m currently creating a new Word Press theme from scratch. It will look similar to the current theme, but it will also integrate all of my disparate websites into one. That’s right, it will be one stop shopping in the near future.

For now, sit tight and look forward to what is to come.

Published by Karl on 27 May 2014

The Site (not the Land) Lay Fallow

Gardener’s Update for May 27, 2014.

While I’ve been busily not blogging, I have been busy prepping and planting (and bike riding and cleaning).

Having free time doesn’t mean it’s all dedicated to the garden. I have taken up a new health challenge at work which means actively riding my bike more frequently (just did 17.75 miles yesterday). Much like with the garden, the weather has not been very conducive to bike riding until recently. With the memorial day weekend, temperatures have risen to almost too warm, which is good for gardening and biking. To be fair, my time has been divided between spring cleaning, gardening, and biking. so, I have not been ignoring the garden you see.

My girlfriend Chelsea and I have been working hard. All beds are turned over and weeded. Tomatoes of 4 varieties have been planted. Cucumber is climbing it’s netting. Lettuces are sprouting (I know, very late) as is swiss chard (also very late). Herbs are in the ground and not looking any worse for the transplant. Not looking any better either. My old potatoes which I would recycle for next season didn’t make it this year so I got some starter potatoes which are growing like gangbusters.

The remaining bed is awaiting the arrival of carrot and beet seeds. Yes people, I know this is all very late. Get off my back. I am fine with any of my plants being ready whenever they feel like it. I look forward to enjoying them all whenever.

On the other side of the house there is a lot going on as well. My mother has decided to plant some bushes and hostas to fill in a bit. It is really starting to look nice. We will be ordering a cubic yard of mulch and indulging in lots of weed control, something I have been meaning to do for years.

Published by Karl on 04 Apr 2014

Mom was Right

Seedlings Gardener’s Update for April 4, 2014.

Well, the weather has still been unpleasant enough to keep me from getting the garden going. I have been thinking about it a lot, but of course, when I have the time, the weather is not being nice. I’m hoping to get some work done tomorrow.

That being said, it isn’t like I’m not planning and preparing. We have recently (all be it late) started the seedlings for the plants. My mother warned me that even after storing my seeds in the freezer there is a good chance they will go bad. Of course I refuse to believe her. So far, she has proven to be partially correct.

Three out of four of the several year old tomato seeds have started to sprout. The cucumbers are all going like gang busters. But the herbs are proving to be jerks. All of the regular basil has started growing and about a third of the purple basil has also started. Surprisingly, I have two cilantro seedlings. (Cilantro has proven to be my nemesis in the past.) And of course, my other nemesis, dill, is still M.I.A. as are the peppers.

More to come…

Published by admin on 08 Feb 2014

Thinking of Gardening

It’s February and while I am still enjoying and loving the snow, I am also thinking forward to the spring and starting the garden this year.I have some big plans, every bed will be overhauled. I will need to add fencing since a rabbit has moved into the neighborhood since I started gardening. (Suffice it to say I had no herbs last year.) New mulch in between beds. Some gravel around the foundation of the house to keep weeds out. Okay, that’s landscaping, but it’ll be part of the overall appearance.

I also look forward to the fact that I will have some more assistance with the garden. More on that topic to come.

Published by Karl on 11 Jun 2013

Gardener’s Update for June, 11

Meh, my heart isn’t much in it this year. Sure, I planted a bunch of vegetables, but so what? I haven’t spent the time in the backyard this year to make it work.

The lettuce I planted all bolted and flowered. I just cleaned out a bed of those beauties. Amazingly, my spinach hasn’t bolted. My mother made a very taste spinach salad the other day.My tomatoes are planted, and several of the small plants already showed signs of blight. Okay, a couple are also showing a couple of little yellow flowers, so all is not lost.

But still, haven’t planted any beets or carrots, which I enjoy. Haven’t planted the potatoes which I am pretty sure don’t care if I plant them or not anymore. Oh where has my inspiration gone? Seriously, I just can’t be bothered this year.


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