Seedlings Gardener’s Update for April 4, 2014.

Well, the weather has still been unpleasant enough to keep me from getting the garden going. I have been thinking about it a lot, but of course, when I have the time, the weather is not being nice. I’m hoping to get some work done tomorrow.

That being said, it isn’t like I’m not planning and preparing. We have recently (all be it late) started the seedlings for the plants. My mother warned me that even after storing my seeds in the freezer there is a good chance they will go bad. Of course I refuse to believe her. So far, she has proven to be partially correct.

Three out of four of the several year old tomato seeds have started to sprout. The cucumbers are all going like gang busters. But the herbs are proving to be jerks. All of the regular basil has started growing and about a third of the purple basil has also started. Surprisingly, I have two cilantro seedlings. (Cilantro has proven to be my nemesis in the past.) And of course, my other nemesis, dill, is still M.I.A. as are the peppers.

More to come…