I mean, I just planted them, so soon anyhow. I hope.

garden bedsToday I started planting my early spring plants. Of course that was after I prepped the garden having let it go wild towards the end of the last growing season. I removed weeds and turned over the soil in the beds and removed any fresh oak sprouts which seem to come up like weeds themselves at this time of year. I also mulched around the garden beds using the mulch which had been sitting in my driveway since late last spring. Shows how involved I was with the garden last year. Anyhow, there wasn’t enough to go around all the garden beds as I had to use some around the plants in the front yard as well. I will have to get some more this year and then use it immediately.

the long bedsAs is my habit, I like to rotate the beds. You know, just mix it up a little. So this year the long beds are starting off with snow peas, brussels sprouts, lettuce, swiss chard and, spinach. I always seem to start my early plants very late, so this year I figured that it’s spring already so lets get cracking. There are plants already sprouting in the yard, my seeds should join all the fun. I hope.

I’m still not sure what is going in the garden this year. I haven’t bothered starting any seeds indoors. After last year when my seeds all stopped at the cotyledon stage, I got very frustrated. Better to leave that bit to other people for now. Or, just plant the seeds directly at the right time and hope the birds and other critters don’t dig them up first. I think I will have to search for someplace that has a larger variety of tomatoes than the Usual home center. That is important to me.